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An Introduction and Brief Bio of Jack Kerley, aka J. A. Kerley

I spent over twenty years as an advertising writer before becoming a novelist. I prefer writing novels, as itís taken me from about three deadlines a day to one a year. Instead of researching meat products and eyewear and whatnot, I research serial killers and dysfunctional minds.

The Manson Family was on its rampage when I was in high school. I became riveted by how a group of runaway kids could pledge their souls to a five-foot-tall madman who bathed erratically. Thus began my fascination with psychotics and sociopaths and other grim and dangerous folks. In addition, I like people who are harmless and just plain odd.

I live in Newport, Kentucky, on a swooping bend in the Ohio River, where the Midwest meets the South, and both butt up against Appalachia. Iíve spent a lot of time in coastal Alabama, the setting for many of the novels. I also have a cabin in the eastern Kentucky mountains, a beautiful place to write, and a setting that appeared in Buried Alive.

I have two children, Amanda and John. Theyíre smarter and better-looking than I am, so hereís a big hurrah for evolution. My wife, Elaine, started my second career by ordering me to quit advertising and write novels. A big hurrah for her, too.

Three books of mineóThe Hundredth Man, The Death Collectors, and A Garden of Vipers (UK title: The Broken Souls) ówere published in the US. They didnít sell in earth-shaking quantities here, and are no longer available. My major market is the UK and Australia. My books are also in ten languages and over twenty countries, for which Iím grateful. In the US, the books can be ordered from Houstonís acclaimed Murder by the Book at www.murderbooks.com.

My sincere thanks to all the folks who read and recommend my books and to the fine bookstore personnel and librarians whoíve put them in peopleís hands.

Hurrah for you, too.